Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Strong Opinions

Orelia is 21 months old, and has very strong opinions about almost everything.  Some of these opinions crack us up, and they help define who she is right now.  These likes and dislikes seem to change every month, so I want to make sure I don't forget who she was at this moment in time.

Orelia likes hang gliders, temporary tattoos, and Pocky.  Oh how she loves Pocky.  And she specifically asks for "two hang gliders" almost every day.  

Orelia dislikes hats, sand in her shoes, and cheese that isn't melted.  Melted cheese, on the other hand, is just wonderful.

Orelia likes buses, Spiderman, and bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles.

Orelia dislikes getting into her car seat, cats that hiss at her, and the very moment when any of her favorite things comes to an end.  Do not come between this girl and her hang gliders, buses, Pocky, tattoos, Spiderman, or bubbles.  Trust me on this one.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Mother's Day Anew

 We had an incredible Mother's Day last weekend, which is easy when you have a sweet and affectionate girl to spend it with.

 She gets her affectionate nature from her daddy, and I know I'm lucky to have such a cuddly little lady (and husband).

Last year at this time, Orelia was a baby in comparison.  This year when I rolled out of bed and walked downstairs, she literally ran up to me to hand me my present and give me a hug.  What a way to start the day!

We munched on doughnuts at the park (while Orelia obsessed over a remote controlled helicopter), strolled through the farmers market, and went out for pizza for dinner.  During nap I escaped for a lunch with a few mom friends.  Happy day to me!

Monday, May 12, 2014

It's A...

 Things are about to get a lot less pink around here, because the baby that's coming in September is going to be a boy!

Orelia doesn't quite know what's coming her way in 19 weeks, but she was excited to hold some balloons.

Monday, May 5, 2014


 It was ninety-something degrees out last week, and at least one of us didn't mind a bit.

Our pool remained mostly inflated in the garage all fall and winter...even though the whole point of an inflatable pool is that you can deflate it when you don't need it.  We don't park our car in the garage, as you may have guessed.  Apparently I've been preparing for April since September.

Orelia was thrilled to be reunited with her pool, and just sat in it pouring water from one thing to another and inviting all her friends to join her for a dip.

The pool is even more fun this year when she can jump in and out and run all around the yard soaking wet.  Just don't pick up a toddler in a wet swim diaper, or you'll be just as soaked.

After swimming we did an art project with friends.  Orelia loves painting, and had a great time.

I love this angelic lighting on my absolutely filthy child.

Heaven knows when I will allow Orelia to get this covered in paint again, so I had to make sure I snapped these photos when the opportunity presented itself.  Ninety-something days are perfect for pools, painting, and running around the yard with no pants on.