Thursday, March 24, 2016


 After a haircut from Uncle Bobby, Orelia's hair is back to the golden hue I love the most.

 The name "Orelia" means "golden one," after all.

 So when she was willing to don her golden dress with her once-again golden hair, I had to snap some photos.

 I love her spunk and fire.  I love that she's wearing her art-class-made pipe cleaner bracelet with an armful of tattoos.

And I love her golden locks again.  She doesn't need blue hair to show how cool she is.  (Let's hope she agrees.)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Longer Days

Time changes are weird.  My body didn't seem to get on board with daylight savings time this year, and kids bodies' really don't get daylight savings time.  We have been enjoying the longer days and warmer weather, though.

Entertaining two kids in the evening is a lot easier when the sun is out and there is an almost eerily friendly cat that lives around the corner.  We were on a mission to find said eery cat when I took these photos.

I had to run back inside to grab my camera when Orelia decided to scooter in this little getup.  Longer days mean more opportunity for photos, and I am always eager to capture more memories with this growing kids.  Even if I can't fall asleep until midnight every night.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bennett at 18 Months

Our "baby" isn't much of a baby anymore.  Bennett at 18 months is a walking, talking machine.

While it is sad to know he has passed by the baby days, it is much more fun to do things as a family now that he's more boy than baby.

Bennett is a pretty big guy weighing 27 pounds, 2 ounces (85th percentile) and measuring 33 inches (71st percentile).  He loves eating and drinking, and I wouldn't be surprised if he is heavier than his sister in a year or so.

He is maintaining an interest in all things transportation-related.  Trucks are the big draw, but he doesn't scoff at a car or train either.  I drive down the road and see myself perk up when I see a dump truck these days because I know how much Bennett would love it.  Ah, motherhood.

Bennett is an active kid who loves climbing (especially onto furniture), sliding, and digging.  He maintains a love of being outside and going on walks - with his own two feet or in his trusty "blue car."

He does quite a bit of talking, but since he's the second child I haven't bothered to count how many words he has.  :)  He especially loves learning his transportation and food words - his two favorite things.

He loves reading books, especially if they are about trucks.  He likes to flip through them on his own in the backseat of the car and also likes reading them with Mommy before bed.

He's starting to like art and play doh.  He is over music class, but loves his baby gym classes.  He starts a new gymnastics class in April and has yet to meet a park he didn't like.  We try to keep this active kid busy.

Harper is beloved by Bennett, who treats her with as much love and affection as poor Harper will tolerate.  Bennett loves sneaking Harper food, though, so I think Harper is pretty willing to put up with him.

We love the little boy Bennett has become.  There may be some tears and tantrums, but there are many more laughs and snuggles from this guy.  We love you Bennett!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Art Aficionado

Ever since she was old enough to finger paint, Orelia has loved art.

 She produces so many projects at school, that there isn't enough room in my garbage bin for them, much less on our walls.

 I love that she loves art, especially because I have always loved it too.

 Before I started setting more practical/boring goals for myself, I wanted to be an artist and proudly told anyone who asked.

 Kids' lives didn't used to be quite as full of activities and classes when I was growing up, but I distinctly remember going to art classes in the summer and staying after school to make up extra art work.

Orelia has been taking toddler art classes for awhile, and is always eager to go.  It's actually an interest and passion of hers that I love fostering, so we make the most of it.

 She's finally old enough to follow the directions without constant reminders and doesn't purposefully make a mess.  Woohoo!

 After art class we sometimes play a rousing game of chase in the art center courtyard.  And if she's actually dressed in normal clothes, I might even take my camera to photograph the event.

There's a library right across the street, so we stock up on reading material and go out for lunch together.  While we wait for Minnie Mouse pancakes we read all her new books.  It's a wonderful way to spend a morning with my big girl and definitely one of the easiest days on the job for me.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Happy Birthday, John!

Happy birthday, John!  You are the most amazing husband and father, and our entire family is so blessed to have you!  We love you more than words can say.

Monday, March 7, 2016


As my mom says, reentry is always hard.  We are back in California and playing in the rain in our winter coats.  Bennett is quite enthused about the rain we've been getting lately, but Orelia is not to keen on the idea of jackets on top of her princess costumes.  Vacation is over, but it will be summer before we know it!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Playing Pool

 I have A LOT of photos of my family in this hot tub.

 It is an accurate reflection of how central to our vacation this hot tub truly was.

 Why yes, the pool was eighty-five degrees and the air was eighty-five as well.

Orelia and Bennett are like their mama, however, and can be a bit wimpy when it comes to water temperature.

 It's a good thing the hot tub was so picturesque since it was in about half my vacation photos.

 Bennett especially loved standing and just playing with his trucks while hot tubbin'.

 We couldn't really even get him to look up from his toys to take a family photo.

 John is probably saying something rude here, but I had to include it since it's the only group photo where Bennett is smiling.

 Toilet humor doesn't work yet to get Bennett to engage during photos, but I'm sure we will be there soon.

 Orelia finally found some fun in the big pool the last couple of days.

 Daddy taught her to scream "cowabunga!" while jumping in the water, and she then proceeded to play the "cowabunga game" for the next hour.

While she may be like her mama in her water temperature preferences, she is like her daddy in her adventurous spirit.

If there is an endorphin rush to be had, she will find it.

On our last morning, Orelia got to spend one last hour playing cowabunga, and I happily watched and took photos from the hot tub.  True to form.