Friday, March 28, 2014

Our Happy News

We are thrilled to let everyone know that our family will be expanding in September.

 I'm about fifteen weeks along, and we are beyond grateful that everything has looked healthy in our appointments so far.

We know Orelia and Harper will be good big sisters to the little boy or girl that joins their lives, and we can't wait for the fall!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I'll Get Around to It

So that bad news is that I haven't posted in a century...but the good news is that I recently uploaded 500 photos to my computer, so one would assume that eventually I might get back to posting again.  :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Family Time

 Aside from the beach, Orelia especially enjoyed her family time in Hawaii.

And by "family time," I especially mean bonding time with Aunt Gigi.  There weren't enough hours in the day to spend cuddling in her lap, getting tickled, and being read to.

 I was so grateful for Ginny's special flair with Orelia, particularly because John had already been out of town the week prior and wasn't supposed to join us in Hawaii.

Luck was on our side, however, and he was able to surprise (or perhaps even shock) us by knocking on our condo door a couple of days into vacation to tell us his case had settled.

I thought Hawaii was fun before, but once he arrived, it was a blast.

My aunt and uncle were there.

And of course my so-lucky-to-live-in-Hawaii cousin, Jason, was there.

 My parents and brother and sister-in-law were there too.

It was definitely a family affair.

 Let's be honest, though.  Even with all those other people there, no one is like Daddy.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Different This Time

 What a difference a year makes.

 We visited Hawaii in February last year when Orelia was a mere six months old.

The plane ride was a breeze (in comparison to this year), but there certainly was no denying that the trip was for us and not Orelia.  She didn't mind going to the beach or watching us eat ice cream, but it wasn't much different for her than any other day.  Milk, naps, and cuddles are the highlights of the day at that age.

This time around, at eighteen months, Orelia could appreciate all Hawaii had to offer.  

She woke up every morning asking for the "be" ("beach"), and loved running around there and playing in the sand.

 She adored the aquarium and kept asking for "more" every time she was excited about a fish.

 Of course the turtles ("burtles") were a huge hit, and they couldn't come back fast enough when they swam away.

The pool was a bit chilly, but she was always eager at the prospect of taking a dip with Daddy.

An eighteen month old has chattering teeth in a chilly pool, but a six month old just cries.

Last year Orelia couldn't even sit up, and this year she plops herself in her very own beach chair and "reads" her favorite Hawaii bird book.

 It's incredible to take your child to this magical place they literally enjoy from the moment your arrive.

Hawaii was still the same Hawaii, but it was even better when appreciated through the eyes of your child.