Sunday, April 30, 2017

Beach and Pool On Repeat

 I have more Hawaii photos to share!

 If you were on the trip with us, this wouldn't surprise you at all since I basically went everywhere with my camera.

 Hawaii is just too beautiful, and my kids are just too cute (I might be biased), to miss a photo opportunity.

 We were lucky enough to have multiple beaches and pools available to us, and we tried them all.

 The kids loved choosing from our menu of water options every day.

 Sand pool for a game of chase with Uncle Bobby?  Check!

 Beach for a round of toss?  Check!

Hot tub for snuggles with Daddy?  Check!

 Jumping into Daddy's arms and laughing hysterically?  Check!

As every parent who has ever vacationed with kids knows, being around water is basically the easiest way to entertain kids.

 And even better, nothing can tire out kids as quickly as sun and swimming.  (This includes Uncle Bobby.)

 Today Orelia asked if we could move when she's nine years old.

 "Where do you want to move?" we asked.  "To Hawaii!" she said.

This girl always has great ideas!

Bennett's ideas aren't always as well received.