Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hula Girl

After seeing Moana, Orelia started trying to hula dance at home, so I knew when we went to Hawaii she would love to learn how to hula.

The lessons are for a minimum of two people, so Uncle Bobby joined in the fun.

Orelia, of course, loved choosing her own costume.

One might say Bobby didn't mind choosing his costume either.

Our teacher, Hulalei, was sweet and knowledgeable and the perfect instructor for these two rowdy students.

Every morning Orelia would ask if it was time for her hula lesson yet (because that was one of the main events we had been prompting her with leading up to the vacation).  Finally the day arrived!

Hulalei taught Orelia and Bobby a dance about going to the hukilau.  The song is mostly in English, so it's a bit easier to follow the prompts.

While I hate to admit it, Bobby was pretty fantastic at learning hula in an hour, but don't tell him I told you.

Orelia got to perform her dance for me, Daddy, and Bennett after the lesson, but even more special, she got to perform the dance at the Grand Wailea stage one night with one of the hotel hula dancers who was extra sweet to her.  This girl loves a stage and a chance to perform.  We love our hula girl!

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