Monday, October 1, 2018

Cousin Camp

This summer, my aunt in Indiana invited me and the kids to visit for a week of "Cousin Camp," and we had the best time exploring Indy with her and my cousin's family.  We made lots of camp treats, explored an art museum and a children's museum, rode porch swings and big wheels, made fairy gardens and bird houses, and ended with a gorgeous bonfire complete with s'mores and catching fireflies.  It was a truly magical summer event, that I hope we may get to repeat another year.  

Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Blog is Dead, Except Maybe It's Not

Just last night I told John and my mom that the blog was dead, and I never planned on posting again because I don't have time.  Upon reflection, that made me kind of sad, so I figured I could do some posting still but with almost no commentary.  I still edit hundreds of photos of my family all the time, and now I can still share them with everyone easily.  So without further ado (or explanation), here are some photos of Bennett's birthday (and a few other recent photos of our now four year old).