Saturday, June 7, 2014

Last Day of Preschool

 We had our last day of preschool a few weeks back, and it's amazing how much she has grown in this past school year.  She started class as a crawler, and now she runs around with blonde curls bouncing in the breeze.

 She had only a few words back in September and now can readily communicate her ever-growing list of wants and desires.  These days it's usually more bubbles, chalk, or buses.

She's sillier and already seems sarcastic these days. When I ask her if she loves Harper she says "Nope...haha...yeah."  

 Preschool was a lot more fun once she could run around.  She especially enjoyed playing with the art table every week, and always spent the first ten minutes of class making art (and usually using up all the paint before anyone else got a chance).  She became very comfortable with our classroom and playground and usually explored every inch of it by the end of each class.

My friendships and her friendships both blossomed this year.  By the end of the year we spent the car rides there discussing whom we would see at school, and on the way home we discussed what we did with all her friends.  We are so grateful to have found such an amazing school for Orelia to play, learn, and grow.  Once a week school with mommy was perfect for us, and next year we are excited to go twice a week and even start transitioning into once a week drop-off.  


  1. I cannot believe that is the same child!!!!!!! Where did all that hair come from???

    So cute!

  2. Man, O has grown up so much from the start of preschool!

  3. We've loved attending preschool over the last year with you both, as well. Looking forward to another year of fun and growth.