Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Morning Beach

Probably my favorite part of every day is our first outing to the beach each morning.  Things are quieter, cooler, and generally more relaxed.  Once our feet hit the sand, everyone is smiling.

Orelia's current favorite beach activity is stomping "castles."

This essentially means someone, usually John, is requested to make "more more more" for the sole purpose of her immediately stomping on them.  It's actually preferred that there are two or three available to be stomped, but in order for this to happen, she would need to turn her back and let one go untouched for ten seconds.  Almost unheard of.

She also loved going for short walks, especially with grandparents, to see the rocks or maybe consider touching the ocean (but usually chickening out).

Snuggles with grandparents under the beach umbrellas aren't half bad either.

Sometimes she decided the beach chairs are perfect for hiding behind and them jumping out for a peekaboo.

Being buried in the sand is fun so long as it's only a portion of her legs.  Don't even try and go as high as her bathing suit.

 There are always lots of laughs and smiles during our morning beach trip.

We are so lucky to have so many mornings where we get to enjoy our daughter having a blast while we sit under umbrellas with our feet in the sand.  There's nothing better.

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