Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

We've  really enjoyed our first Halloween season with our girl this year.

I unabashedly have dressed O up in costume every chance I've gotten.  (The above photos were taken at Stanford Mall this weekend for their kids' Halloween festival.)

She had to switch from a cow to a giraffe now that she's too big for her 0-3 month cow suit.  Works out well to have variety in all the pictures anyway!

At least we have the decency not to subject Harper to a costume.  She is truly grateful.

I took Orelia trick-or-treating for the first time at Santana Row.

I thought I'd be embarrassed bringing a baby who was too young to even eat candy, but there were lots of infants there who wouldn't actually be eating the candy (at least I hope not).

Turns out I'm not the only one who wants to dress up their baby in a cute costume and stroll with them around town.  Happy Halloween, everyone!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Mother Daughter Fun

I work from home every day, but Natalie only works from home once a week.

Orelia and I headed over to Natalie's to bug her on her day at home last week, and we even managed to get her to take some photos of us.

 I'm so happy to have some shots of me and Orelia while she's so tiny.

She loves to cuddle on the couch.

And I love being there with her.

Being outside gives her more to look at though - she loves looking at nature (trees, especially).

Can't say that I'm looking at the leaves much lately - I'm always staring at my beautiful baby girl.

It's fitting that she was wearing her Mommy Loves Me pajamas during this photo shoot.

I literally could not love this girl any more than I already do.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Nana and Pop Pop

Orelia had a great week meeting her last set of grandparents, Nana and Pop Pop.

She's been so depressed without jump jumps from Pop Pop now that they're gone.

And she's missing all the cuddles and kisses.

I'm so grateful she's been able to meet all her grandparents, but it definitely is sad to know they all live so far away.

No one can dote on our girl like loving grandparents.

Nana is great with babies and Orelia loved spending time with her.

All that fun can be exhausting though --- yaaaawn.  She can't wait to see her Nana and Pop Pop again soon!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Natalie and Mitch had us over for an Oktoberfest celebration last weekend and our little family had a wonderful time.  We had great food, painted pumpkins, and made caramel apples to celebrate the season.

Orelia adores her Aunt Natalie and Uncle Mitch.

It was at Oktoberfest that Orelia actually debuted her cow costume.

What a happy little cow we have.

Orelia got to meet her new friends Bridget and Ollie.

What sweet siblings.

Thanks to Natalie for snapping these family photos.

It pays to have friends that know how to use a DSLR.  

As happens in her comfy cow costume, Orelia fell fast asleep like a good little cow.  That's how she ends all great afternoons.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin Patching

John and I have always loved visiting pumpkin patches, and going with a baby in tow makes it all the more festive.

Pumpkin hats are obviously festive.

First we visited our tried and true pumpkin patch - Farmer John's.

Orelia liked it a lot, especially since she got a hitch a ride with Daddy.

Farmer John was happy to see that we had a little one this year - a "new customer" he said.

We bought lots of pumpkins, and of course snagged a stalk of brussels sprouts.  Our porch is now almost as festive as the neighbors' with their fake cottony spiderwebs and Grim Reapers.

We next visited a couple of kid-laden farms, where we thought it necessary to subject Orelia to her cow costume.

First up we visited Pastorino's.

Like anyone with a heart, pretty much anyone that walked by our little cow oohed and ahhed.

Orelia didn't mind her costume a bit, and didn't even flinch at the drizzle.  I cannot believe how good natured she is sometimes.

We love our little calf.

We next went to the farm across the street - Lemos Farm.

While waiting in line for the hay ride, Orelia nodded off.

And she stayed that way through the whole ride.  Next year maybe she'll open her eyes and catch a view of the Halloween happenings.  I know we'll be back!