Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Easter Afternoon

 Someone in our family has a big bald head and is always eager be in photos.

He always has a big smile ready.

 Not Bennett, of course, but Uncle Bobby!  "Will this be on the blog??"  he asks.  This time, it will be.

Unfortunately for Uncle Bobby, he's not quite as cute as his niece wielding an umbrella (so no more photos of him).

Who knew the joy an umbrella could bring on a warm sunny day?

Before Uncle Bobby and Grandma left, we had a few extra egg hunts in the back yard with empty eggs.

 And there were lots of last snuggles on warm laps.

I cannot recommend sitting with Orelia while she is holding an umbrella.  She's very likely to take your head off.  An activity only a grandmother would love/tolerate.

I do, however, recommend giving Orelia a bottle of Crayola Color Foam and just getting out of the way.

It's almost as much fun as an umbrella on a sunny day or a bald-headed uncle or a tolerant grandma.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Little Miss Too Much

We were outside enjoying a sunny Easter afternoon

And we look over to find Orelia halfway up her play set ladder with her head in her hands.

The whole family was cracking up over her cuteness.

 Looking at all of the photos, I remembered the scene and laughed again seeing her silly expressions.

This girl is just Too Much.

 I don't know where she comes up with this stuff

But I sure am glad she is mine.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bennett at Seven Months

We have had seven great months with sweet Bennett and can't believe how quickly the time has flown by.

Bennett has finally figured out how to eat solids and is eating purees twice a day with occasional finger foods like bread and broccoli.

He seems very eager to try everything we give him, which is a great improvement over his inability to eat a couple months ago.  Phew!

He still nurses five times a day or takes an 8 oz. bottle when it's offered.  Good growing boy!

He makes Mommy and Daddy proud by sleeping about 11-12 hours at night and taking three naps a day.  He's managing to get the pacifier back into his mouth pretty easily, which thrills him.

He makes all kinds of chatty noises - from Ma to Ba to Na.  We can't wait to hear him saying real words one day.

When he sees a bottle or pacifier he starts getting really excited/mad, so we make sure he doesn't see them unless it's time.  When he hears Mommy around, he can get a little aggravated if she isn't the one holding him.

He loves to laugh and smile with his sister who dotes on him constantly.  He has a tendency to grab her hair, but she is learning to live with it.

He rolls well, but doesn't use this skill to really get to things across the room.  He doesn't stay on his tummy long, so tummy time doesn't really happen for him.

He sits up really well now (with the occasional bonk when he falls back), which gives him a fun, new vantage point.

He especially loves being outside and watching the leaves swaying in the breeze and listening to the birds chirping.

He loves to swing on the swing set and giggles and laughs with excitement.  He also loves watching his sister swing and slide.  Soon enough he will be chasing her.

Happy seven months, sweet Bennett!  We love you so much!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Easter Bunnying

 Our blue-haired girl got to celebrate Easter this year with Grandma and Uncle Bobby.  Our bald-headed boy got to celebrate with them too.

We did our egg hunt on Saturday morning because there was a chance of rain on Sunday.

Her jubilation during the entire thing was just so catching.  She had an absolute blast finding all 30 eggs.

 Bennett was sleepy and cuddled up with Uncle Bobby during the hunt.  It was so sweet.

Chocolate stained lips were the look of the morning.

John had been talking up the Easter Bunny all week, and I kept fielding questions of "Where's the Easter Bunny?  Where's the Easter Bunny's mommy?"

When she went to do her egg hunt on Saturday she was pretty crushed when the actual Easter Bunny wasn't waiting out there for her, so we took her to meet him at the mall.  She looks terrified (he was creepy), but she was genuinely thrilled.

Personally I found this little bunny to be far cuter.

Saturday night we got a text inviting us to an impromptu egg hunt put on by my friend's older kids who wanted to play Easter Bunny.

Orelia loved this Easter egg hunt too, and there were tons of eggs to go around.

After a few serious minutes of egg hunting, the distractions of the play set were too great.

Orelia and I love spending holidays with our best friends.

She was very serious about the egg race, though didn't seem to notice her egg falling after the finish line.  

It was a very happy Easter spent with family, friends, and various forms of the Easter Bunny.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Always Them

 I had a bit of a rough week last week, but it's Sunday and a new week is beginning.

 And no matter what is going on in my life, there is always them.

 Every night, no matter how the day is gone, I can think of them and smile.

 Their laughter.  Their eye lashes.  Their soft hair.  Their toes.

 There is always them.

 And with two kids, there is just a fuller heart to boost you up.

My sweet children (and amazing husband) are the best pick-me-up there is.