Friday, April 3, 2015

Bucket o Friends

These are our afternoons lately.  The warm sun.  Me and Orelia outside while Bennett naps.

Orelia carrying around her bucket of friends.

She "picks up" her friends one by one and places them in her bucket for a ride around in her purple convertible.

A lot of car seats must fit in that purple bucket.

When her friends are really lucky they get to join her for a ride on the swing.

Hopefully they like swinging fast, because that's Orelia's preferred speed.

Eventually the bucket is discarded so she can climb a bit easier.

Then it's just me, Orelia, and the setting sun.

What a blessing to be able to raise a toddler here.

Her only complaint is that the swing can never be fast enough,

And she would strongly prefer Mommy join her in her climbing and sliding adventures.  Sorry, daughter, but that's just for you and your bucket of imaginary friends.

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