Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pink or Blue?

No one seems to believe me, but we already have a good sense of the baby's gender.  Not sense as in it-feels-like-a-boy-inside-me, but as told by our doctor.  When we went to get our 12 week ultrasound, they are able to look at the baby's internal organs and somehow get a good guess at the baby's gender.  There isn't really anything external yet, so they just take a look at how things are forming inside.  The ultrasound technician told us her verdict, and later the doctor came in to look herself and gave us the same guess.  They told us it's about 80-85% certain when they look this early.  We had to promise not to paint the baby's room and if we buy clothes we have to keep all the tags on.  But it looks like we are having...

a GIRL!!

We are so excited to welcome this (80% chance) baby girl into our home!!


  1. Yay for girls! But I'll hold off on buying bows and dresses until the next u/s :)