Friday, January 27, 2012

World Traveler

Luckily she doesn't need a passport quite yet, but our baby is about to travel to her first foreign country.  We leave on a 6:00 AM flight Saturday morning for St. Martin (with a pit stop in Miami).  Don't get me started on that 6:00 AM flight, though.  The baby and I will assuredly be cranky --- watch out, John!

I'm not sure I own any shorts that fit me, so I'll be in dresses all week, whether we are playing pinochle with John's dad or eating crepes at a cafe.  I also figured it was high time to invest in some tankinis to cover my somewhat enlarged belly.  I'm sure everyone else will thank me.

I have high hopes to blog quite a bit from our villa, so check back if you want a severe dose of jealousy.

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