Monday, March 3, 2014

Different This Time

 What a difference a year makes.

 We visited Hawaii in February last year when Orelia was a mere six months old.

The plane ride was a breeze (in comparison to this year), but there certainly was no denying that the trip was for us and not Orelia.  She didn't mind going to the beach or watching us eat ice cream, but it wasn't much different for her than any other day.  Milk, naps, and cuddles are the highlights of the day at that age.

This time around, at eighteen months, Orelia could appreciate all Hawaii had to offer.  

She woke up every morning asking for the "be" ("beach"), and loved running around there and playing in the sand.

 She adored the aquarium and kept asking for "more" every time she was excited about a fish.

 Of course the turtles ("burtles") were a huge hit, and they couldn't come back fast enough when they swam away.

The pool was a bit chilly, but she was always eager at the prospect of taking a dip with Daddy.

An eighteen month old has chattering teeth in a chilly pool, but a six month old just cries.

Last year Orelia couldn't even sit up, and this year she plops herself in her very own beach chair and "reads" her favorite Hawaii bird book.

 It's incredible to take your child to this magical place they literally enjoy from the moment your arrive.

Hawaii was still the same Hawaii, but it was even better when appreciated through the eyes of your child.


  1. Adorable -- she is so precious! She's such a little grown up now :)

  2. I adore that green swimsuit!!! So cute!