Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Never Before Has a Girl Wanted More

Never before has a girl wanted more!

We find ourselves often singing these lyrics to the tune of the song from Oliver.  Literally, I cannot imagine a child wanting more of "more" than Orelia.  Everything with her these days is MORE MORE MORE.  I don't mean that she's some needy toddler, she just literally physically wants more of everything she likes.  For instance, every bow in the room needs to be placed in her hair at once.  Every spoon she can manage needs to be gripped at once.  She would love to use up the entire bottle of lotion in one sitting.  It's quite hilarious and nonsensical to us, since we adults don't really see the joy of having extra spoons or bows, but she is her own creature.  We especially have to laugh when she demands "more" of the dogs walking down the street or the birds flying by.  I especially like when she asks for more moon.  She loves the moon these days, and seems quite disappointed our planet only has one.  At least there are always more spoons she can grab.

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  1. precious! as long as she does't keep requesting more food like her Uncle Bobby!