Monday, June 12, 2017

Orelia's Last Day of School

 Orelia had her last day of school on June 1st, and unlike on the first day of school she was super thrilled to take photos to commemorate the event.

 I guess I should have expected that on a kid's first day of school they are filled with nerves and questions, but on their last day they are so happy to go play with their friends at school one last time before a summer filled with fun.

Here is Orelia sulking on her first day of school.

And here she is cracking jokes on her last day.

 She has matured a lot this past year and generally loved every minute of school (save for clean up time)

 I love our preschool so much, and our teacher emphasized on the last day that the most important thing they all learned that year was how to make a friend and how to be a friend.

 Our school doesn't do "graduation" ceremonies or performances at the end of school.  During the final circle time they sang "Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold."  I teared up a bit knowing we had just said goodbye to some of our closest friends who moved away, and it was the perfect ending to the year.

 I loved photographing Orelia's final time raising her hand on this rug (where she has raised her hand about a million times, to make commentary that was almost relevant).

 One my last work day earlier that week, the parents hosted Sports Day, and Orelia wore sneakers for the event, as well as a bathing suit for unknown reasons.

 This little spitfire brought joy to many kids and adults in our class this year, and we are both lucky to have met everyone.

 Bennett got to come to the end of year party at school that night, where he happily played in the sand with a trash truck and loved playing where the big kids play.

 He was laughing hysterically here because he was standing in a firetruck and also pooping.  Sigh.

 Orelia already had her first week of camp and is on to her second week.  I wanted to capture her excitement on the first day of camp, so I took these photos.

Now she thinks we have to take photos every day before she goes to camp, which suits me just fine.  So far she has worn a bathing suit and skirt every day.  This kid is too much.

She absolutely loved her first week of camp (held at a church preschool) and so far is loving her second week run through the city.  This kid loves being with her friends and trying new things, so camps are a blast for her.  She's been asking for summer for months, and now it's finally here!

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