Monday, October 21, 2013

Orelia at 14 Months

Everyone's favorite Orelia/Android is now 14 months old.  And she insisted I put this hood on her yesterday morning.  That's what 14 month-olds do apparently.

Her little personality quirks are funny and ever-changing.  Some are unique to her and some are just weird developmental phases.

She's a bit of a hoarder - when she can find similar toys she wants to hold all of them at once.  She also loves purses and carrying them around wherever she goes.   Gimme gimme gimme, apparently.

She's gotten good about cleaning up her toys (not always, of course), and will usually follow suit if someone starts putting the toys away.  She also likes to play with her stacking rings toys - which is good because we have a few.

Feeding her is more difficult these days, since she is prone to climb out of the highchair halfway through the meal.  Depending on her mood, she will either finish eating while standing at our knees or we will be shoving yogurt in her face while she crawls around the room.

She's chatting up a storm these days, mostly in her own language, but also occasionally in English.  She very clearly says "dog," "ball," and "Harper" all day long.  She knows that bunnies go "hop hop hop" and dogs howl "a-ooooooo."  She has words for "Noni," "nose," "bird," "squirrel," "pillow," "pumpkin," "book," and "banana."  At this age it's easy for her to learn the meaning of new words, which is really fun.

She's taking steps all the time, but is still not walking down the hall or anything.  She is cautious and only will take steps if she knows there is something/someone to grab just a few feet away.  She can bring herself to standing without pulling up on something, which always seems to surprise her.

Her sleep is still consistent.  She takes a 9:30 morning nap (an hour and a half) and 3:00 afternoon nap (an hour).  She goes to sleep every night at 7:15 and wakes up around 6:00 every morning.  I think she's going to switch to one nap soon, but we are trying to hold her off from the transition until we are back from vacation.

We love our little Android so much.  14 months definitely has some challenges and requires a lot more hands-on parenting than when she was younger, but the payoff is a lot greater too.


  1. That last pic of O is so cute. Then again, most pics of her are. :)

  2. She loves purses! She comes by that honestly!

  3. She loves purses! She comes by that honestly!