Thursday, November 14, 2013

Our Little Pumpkin

 I know Halloween has come and gone, but we were across the Pacific and I'm a little behind on posts.

I figured no one would mind an extra photo or two of kids dressed up in costumes.

I specifically asked my dad to take pictures of Orelia in her pumpkin costume, since I never got to see her dressed up this year.

Orelia's two best friends came to visit her when we were in Japan to give her a chance to have a play date and so the girls could show each other their costumes.

Ariel and a very wise owl perked Orelia up during her crankiest time of day.  She is always thrilled to see her friends and their mommies, so I was so grateful they could come over to play while we were away.  Our little pumpkin had a wonderful Halloween with her Noni and Grandpa.

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