Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rehoboth Boardwalk

Almost every day in Rehoboth we visited the boardwalk to get our fill of fattening treats and fun.  It was amazing.

One of Orelia's favorite parts of the boardwalk experience was riding the Jolly Trolly.  I wish I had taken a picture of the outside of this trolly.  It was actually just a weird trolly carriage pulled by a van around downtown.  It was enough like a bus to delight Orelia, however, and we rid it roundtrip three times in two weeks.

The boardwalk has actual rides too, much more exciting than a trolly pulled by a van.

Funland was a huge hit from our first visit!

What could be better for a toddler than riding around in a boat or a firetruck?

She would literally ride toddler rides until we dragged her away.  Luckily for her, there were at least half a dozen rides for her to choose from to fill her afternoons.

When Funland was closed, there was always 50 cents for a "train" ride outside the arcades.  This girl really got a lot of excitement in.

After all the thrills, one needs to relax with a gigantic bucket of Thrasher's fries.  Or a Kohr Bros. cone.  Or a crepe.  Or a funnel cake.  Really, the possibilities are endless.

When she was really lucky, Uncle Bobby was around to indulge her with a walk on the beach.  The boardwalk was a great place to spend many afternoons watching our girl enjoy her vacation to the fullest.

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