Friday, July 11, 2014

Orelia at Almost Two

We are about a month away from Orelia's second birthday and officially referring to her  as "almost two" (and sometimes even "two" - eek!) to anyone who asks.

 What is she like at "almost two?"  Very energetic.  She runs literally everywhere, unless she has requested to hold your hand.  (Even then, she may say "running" and get you to run alongside her.)

She's gotten to be about 80% on the colors she knows well, but doesn't really know the colors black and pink (usually considered brown and purple, respectively).  She loves to talk about colors.

She is always eager to point out if there is "one" or "two" of something, and occasionally can accurately state whether there are "three."   I think she learned how to count to two from her obsession with buses - she just naturally picked up when I said "oh there are two buses" and started applying it to other things (namely, hang gliders).

Parks are more fun than ever these days.  She loves to sprint from place to place and go down slides on her belly.

She is still an extremely affectionate child with those she loves (kids her age, older children, and adults).   So long as you are interested in hugs, uppies, and hand-holding, she will be ecstatic.  

 On the 4th of July she made friends with an older girl and demanded they go up and down the stairs together.  On a lucky day at the park an older child (let's be honest, an older girl) will take an interest in her, and it's wonderful.

She loves babies too and has been lucky enough to get to shower her friend's new baby brother with some attention recently.  She brings up this baby a lot and is now convinced I have an identical baby in my tummy.  It's not too far off from the truth so we go with it.

She cracks us and herself up all the time.

Laughing with her is one of my greatest joys.  

I'm so lucky to spend my time with this goofy almost two year-old.

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