Thursday, January 11, 2018

January Things

 Christmas break is over and we are back to whatever passes for normal.  Mostly, we are just busy smothering our little brothers with affection to the point of suffocation...but that's another story.

 We enjoyed extra days with Daddy home from work around the holidays, and John made sure to take them on lots of adventures.

 I'm not much of a homebody, but it turns out that compared to Weekend John, I am the homebody of the family.  I slept in and then went for neighborhood walks on a few occasions while the rest of the family was out running around at dog parks and the like.

My parents were here for the week after Christmas, and Bennett enjoyed many, many trucks books read by Grandpa on the couch, and Orelia enjoyed spending time as a sous chef with Grandpa.

 And since life is short and the waffle cookies are always eaten too quickly, Orelia and I had to make another batch of waffle cookies to finish out the season.

 My parents stayed home to watch Bennett while Orelia and I trotted off to Portland to visit our best friends again (and also eat more Portland doughnuts).

 Orelia and I both get so much out of our short trips to Portland.  It always makes us appreciate our close friends who mean so much to us.  It's amazing how much impact a friendship can have on a person even when the friend lives far away.

 After the Portland trip we had ANOTHER week off of school, but we are finally back at school and activities as of Monday.

 Both kids are beyond excited to be back at school this week, and it's so wonderful to see them thriving at school. 

It may also be wonderful for them to just be at school for my sanity in general, but that's another story.

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