Friday, May 11, 2018

Hawaii was Vacationed

 Oof.  It's now been two months since we were in Hawaii, and so I figured I would sum up our vacation as succinctly as possible with the best photos I haven't posted yet.

So in Hawaii...

 Sunsets were seen.

 Energy was spent.

 Water was splashed.

 Buckets were examined.

 Boys were lounged.

 Ice cream was eaten.

 Hikes were taken.

 Mud was squelched.

 Boys were tossed.

 Waterfalls were waded.
 Shoulders were loaded.

 Hulas were danced.
 Luaus were attended.

 Popsicles were devoured.

 Sand was dug.

 Buckets were filled.

 And filled.

 And filled.

And filled.

 Toes were washed.

 Jokes were made.

Songs were sung.

 Fish were fed.

 Shave ice was sampled.
Sand was shoveled.

 Boards were paddled.

 Bodies were dried.

 Waves were surfed.

 Games were played.

 And fun was had.  By all. 

The end.

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