Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Half Moon Bay Beach

It's not exactly barefeet beach weather around these parts, but at least we can go to the beach in our sneakers and enjoy some sunshine.

With a spoon in hand, Orelia was perfectly content to scoop, scoop, scoop in the West's biggest sandbox.

Harper was content to fetch, fetch, fetch.  She seems to appreciate her beach trips more these days now that they are few and far between.

John was very keen on building sandcastles, and both Orelia and Harper had grand fun destroying them the second they were built.  It was hilarious to those of us not building said sandcastles.

Half Moon Bay is often fog-laden and chilly, so we especially appreciated all the sun and beautiful views.

Orelia was pretty pleased to be able to walk wherever she wished with dogs prancing all over the place.

When you have a toddler, you certainly appreciate going somewhere where what your child wants to do (run wild and free) is exactly what you want them to do.  An afternoon without "no" is good all around.

Harper and Orelia are looking forward to many more beach trips in our future.  With or without our jackets and sneakers.

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