Saturday, April 23, 2016

School Aged

Around 18 months, a switch flipped.  Something changed inside Bennett and he basically just seemed much more a "person" than a "baby."

With a mid-September birthday he doesn't qualify for most preschools that require children to be two years old by September 1st, and I thought "who cares."  He seemed so young and didn't really need school anyway.

Well, at 18 months he became this little person, and I realized he would absolutely love school, and I would really regret it if he didn't have school next year, and hell I just missed the deadline to apply for a class at Orelia's school.

We found out this week that he got off the waitlist for a class at Orelia's school, so all is not lost.  Every Friday he and I will get to toddle and climb around the same playground Orelia played in at his age, sit on the same rug Orelia sat on for circle time (likely for a similar ten seconds before bolting), and hopefully eat a little less sand than Orelia did.  I can't wait to make great memories with him at this wonderful school and to watch him develop friendships over a shared interest in dump trucks and bubbles.

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