Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wonder Girl

 Despite our preschool's attempts to create an even split of genders in each classroom, Orelia happens to be in a class where there are twice as many boys as girls.

 This leads to quite a bit of superhero play from the majority of her classmates, which consists of chasing each other around and using their hands to express their "power."

 I have been noticing that the kids in the class who are occasionally "blasted" with the pretend powers can have a variety of reactions.

Some kids seem to barely even notice it happens and just go about their own business.

 Some kids are more sensitive to the behavior and become upset.  Usually they run away or tell an adult that it bothers them.

 Orelia is in a third group.  When she is accosted by some pretend powers she raises her hands up in defense - shooting her own pretend powers back at the kids and yelling "I'm Wonder Girl!"

It cracks me up.

 I certainly don't think she's stronger than the kids that have different reactions, but she just doesn't mind that type of play and even enjoys it.

 She may not be able to summon her Wonder Girl persona every time it happens, but today she was my Wonder Girl.

 And I am grateful to call this little Wonder Girl my own.