Monday, July 11, 2016

Side By Side

 There used to be a time in our family when "together" just meant brother was brought along to where sister was.

 He would be held while we read her a fairy tale.

 He would be in a stroller while we walked to Starbucks for a hot chocolate.

 He would be fed purees while big sister ate dinner.

 But now their brother and sister life sees them spending so much time literally side by side.

 It wasn't until Spring that they were truly interested in the same activities, and it first it seemed so novel.

Now I take for granted how much time they enjoy spending together.

They love painting the sidewalk together (sidewalk chalk paint is amazing).

They also love doing chalk together.

Play doh is a big hit.

Bennett loves when Orelia blows him bubbles.

Honestly, one of my favorite times of day is when they say goodnight to one another with a sweet kiss and hug.

There are fights and screaming, but mostly they enjoy living life side by side.

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