Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer Bucket List

I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but I have a secret summer bucket list hidden within the depths of the Notes app on my iPhone.

The list isn't long, and Orelia doesn't even know half of the fun things I am hoping to do (God forbid we can't make it to the one she wants to do most).

Somehow summer is essentially halfway over, and I'm glad I have my list.  Just like I'm glad I'm crossing things off that list.

We went with our friends up to San Francisco to eat tasty pastries and explore a giant park.

And this week we drove up to Sausalito to visit the Discovery Museum.

 This might have been Orelia's favorite secret bucket list item yet.

She loved exploring all there was to see at a place where kids are supposed to run and jump and collect from the exhibits.

 It didn't hurt to have a friend along for the trip either.

 But don't worry, we aren't beholden to the bucket list and running around California like crazy people.

 There are still plenty of afternoons for couch cushion jumping.

And learning to fly.

Bennett wants no part of the bucket list, and is instead spending the summer learning how to walk in high heels.

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