Friday, March 31, 2017

Adventurous Ones

 What's a mom to do when her daughter is more adventurous than her?

 More of a daredevil?

 Perhaps even cooler?

 This girl's gumption astounds me - mostly because I feel like a major chicken compared to her.

 The Tarzan swing in Hawaii was a big hit with this girl.

 She was definitely one of the youngest to be out there dropping into the pool so fearlessly.

 Having a floatie helps, but I expect that when she's floatie-less she will remain just as fearless.

 Orelia always asks me why I don't want to do this type of thing with her.

 I just try to explain it really has no appeal to me, but she is dumbfounded why I wouldn't find this type of thing thrilling.

Good thing John shares her daredevil spirit.

Bennett went on this slide a couple of times, and then realized it wasn't his cup of tea.

 Time will tell whether Bennett shares the sense of adventure John and Orelia have.

 But I suspect he may be more of an observer like me.

 Having a Tarzan swing and water slides are a big bonus of being able to access a gigantic hotel.

 And don't worry, I am very appreciative that my adventurous girl came equipped with an adventurous daddy.

They are two peas in an adrenaline-laden pod.

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