Monday, March 27, 2017

Vacation Hangover

 Just over a week ago we landed in Maui, and I immediately bought Orelia a real lei to wear.  She was so pleased with herself and genuinely happy to be starting the vacation we had been talking about for months.

Now that we are back home, we are all suffering from the vacation blues.

 For one of the first times in a long time, we were all quite sad to leave vacation and wanted to keep the fun in the sun going.

For the first two or three days of our trip Orelia would ask "what do I usually have today" (meaning if I were at home what would I be doing) and "is today my recital day."  

After a couple of days in Hawaii, Orelia stopped asking about home and started asking when we were going to the beach next and whether it was time for her hula lesson.

The first two days Bennett was sad to realize we had left all his favorite big trucks at home, but luckily a trip to the Maui Target and a couple of cheap new trucks melted those cares away.

The kids were unbelievably eager to head down to the beach that first day we arrived, and they were downright giddy to be there.

 I'm not sure if it was because it was their first beach trip in months, or because it was a gorgeous sunny day with a warm ocean, but my kids loved every minute.

 Orelia has never been one to really love the ocean.  Two summers ago she just learned to tickle her toes in the water.  About half a second onto the Maui beach and she was physically rolling in the ocean.  A lot more than her toes this time!

 Bennett initially played in the sand with some trucks, but once he discovered the glories of the ocean, we couldn't keep him out!

 He just kept running into the water without a care in the world, and John had to save the poor boy from himself.

 Once we left the ocean the kids were running on fumes, but still delighted with everything they saw.

 To have a sibling is to have a constant companion for all the weird stuff you want to do...

 What a gorgeous opening night we had in Hawaii.

 Bennett called this grass "lawnmower grass."  I'm not sure if there is any other type (other than fake grass).  Maybe he just couldn't believe this soft green carpet of green was actually grass compared to what he's used to back home.

 The time change was starting to slow Orelia down a bit, and she stopped for a quick faux nap before I dragged her back upright (lest her faux nap turn into a real one).

 Both kids were enamored with the hotel lobby from the first day.  They loved exploring it and commenting on everything they found.  "It's so pretty," Bennett even said.

Back in California it's a cold 62 degrees and we are sans pool and sans beach.  Being home has it perks - mainly my own bed, Bennett's 185 trucks, and Harper - but after such a great trip, pardon our vacation hangovers while we mourn leaving the magic of Hawaii.

Many, many more photos to come!

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