Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas Morning

As fun as it was to be the one receiving all the presents as a kid, it really is much more fun to be the giver on Christmas.

Seeing the joy on your child's face makes the holiday all the more wonderful.  (Yes, she's playing with the "jar of money" toy we got her.  This was before I hid 75% of the plastic coins that got spread all over the living room.)

We had a beautiful Christmas morning spent opening zillions of Frozen gifts and entertaining baby Bennett.

Uncle Bobby helped hug Bennett so we could prod Orelia into finishing her opening spree.

"Daddy Doggy" was always by Orelia's side, as he often is.  Santa gave Orelia an identical dog (that he had to order off eBay), that I tried to name "Mommy Doggy," but she hasn't given it a second glanc.  It isn't tattered and perfect like Daddy Doggy.

It was extra fun to share the big day with Grandma and Uncle Bobby.

Bennett, of course, laid around while Orelia and John opened his presents of pajamas and books.  It's hard coming up with presents for a four month-old, and I felt it was important that Orelia see that Bennett received gifs too.

Bennett is never laying around by himself long, however, as Orelia always joins in for a snuggle.

John received a drone (from his mom), that he eagerly tried out at the earliest opportunity.

And just like last year, Orelia and I made sugar cookies.  This year she was much more involved in the process, which was interesting, to say the least.

Let's just say the cookies were as full of sprinkles as our morning was full of life.

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