Thursday, August 20, 2015

Birthday at the Beach

Some girls are very lucky and get to celebrate their third birthdays at the beach.

Orelia woke up to donuts for breakfast and a stack of presents on the balloon-decorated table.  She set to work with her window markers straight away.

We headed down to the beach early since it was already sunny, and Harper was happy as a clam.

Orelia's birthday was on a Monday this year, but since it was during vacation she got to be with her daddy all day.  What a treat!

 Like almost every beach morning Orelia had a snack of saltines...

Followed immediately by a bag of pretzels.  What can I say - girl likes her salty snacks.

After the beach it was time for lunch and cake.  I snapped this photo while John was telling Orelia about what happened three years ago - the day of her birth.  He told her how we kept waiting for her to come, but she wasn't ready and we thought she was in trouble and Mommy had to have emergency surgery.  She sat there listening earnestly (while probably not understanding much).  I just loved how honest he was with her.

 Three year olds love cake.

It may be the thing they yearn for most when their birthday is coming up.

Orelia was asking for hers since the moment she got up, and finally the time had arrived.

John ordered a special princess ice cream cake from our favorite ice cream store in Palo Alto and then packed it with dry ice to bring up to Stinson Beach.

 Needless to say, Orelia loved it.

Booey was thoroughly smothered with love by his big sister on her big day.

There were presents big and small to be opened throughout the day.  It was really fun to keep celebrating and celebrating.

When I went and got her after her nap, I whispered, "Do you know it's still your birthday?"

The look of utter joy on her face when she realized it was still her birthday and there was still more fun to be had was priceless.

The day ended with roasting marshmallows in our fireplace.

Orelia got to taste her first s'mores and go to bed one happy little three year-old.

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  1. The picture of her listening to John is just priceless.