Sunday, July 1, 2018

A Month Gone

 Well, it's July 1st, which means I officially didn't blog for the entire month of June.  I think that's a first for me.

Both kids got pneumonia already this summer, and Orelia missed her last 7 days of school, which was as awful as it sounds.

Also, I decided to finally start a photography business, so I have been working on photography-related things almost every night (without finding any time to blog, apparently).

Things are moving along here, as always.  Somehow things can remain the same yet progress so slowly you don't even notice.  Orelia held her first lemonade stand this spring and loved the social aspect the most.

 She also received an amazing new pair of glasses that I can't stop photographing.

Bennett insists on being called "Benny" all day every day, and I am crossing my fingers this new nickname doesn't last for the rest of his life.

 We spent Mother's Day shivering on a beach in San Francisco, and I was able to convince my kids to take a photo with me (once a year whether they need it or not).

 Orelia and John went on an end of year camping trip with her classmates and she loved the camping experience just about as much as I loved staying at home in my own bed that night.

 The kids manage to play together better than ever before (like playing "fetch" with Bennett as the dog, above) and also worse than ever before (constantly fighting and getting physical with one another). 

 Orelia has taken four weeks of camp so far this summer, and theater camp was her favorite.  She absolutely loved performing in the play and craves the spotlight.  Bennett was out of commission for two weeks with pneumonia, but has been otherwise hitting up his favorite parks with our nanny most mornings and occasionally meeting up with some school buddies.
 Orelia had an 80s themed dance recital where she performed to Eternal Flame, Walk like and Egyptian, and Holiday.  She was getting over her pneumonia at the time, but did an awesome job and was so happy to be up there.

Summer has meant lots of time in the water for both kids, and Orelia is having a blast making use of all her new swimming skills.

I'm taking an online photography class that is teaching me so much, and also inspiring AND requiring to take out my camera more often.  Bennett has been my primary subject, and I don't mind having even more images to remember his beautiful eyes and silly grin. 

That's it from here, hopefully I'll be back soon!

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