Thursday, December 19, 2013

Orelia at 16 Months

Things are busy, busy, busy in our house these days with a sixteen-month old.

She has started literally running all over the place, though usually not in a lion costume.  Running and running and then "ooh shiny object!"

It's nice that she's stable when she walks now and she can get where she wants to go.  Not that we always want her to go to those places, but that's what baby gates are for.

Her language has really started to come together and we are loving hearing her voice.  I'm not sure why she decided to try to say some words and not others.  Why does she say "lella" (umbrella), something she has only seen pictures of, but she doesn't say "leaf," something we talk about every day.  She has as many as thirty words now and knows the noises a half dozen animals make.  I can't seem to teach her anything about cats, but that's a dog girl for ya.

We certainly can't fully communicate with her about all her wants and needs, but it's helpful that things are getting better and she is happier when she can express herself.  Anyone that knows my daughter can believe that "up" is her new favorite word.

We are really happy with the one nap situation since it leaves us more time to play with friends and run errands.  We still host play group at our house once a week (indoors, lately) for about ten kids, and Orelia and I both agree it's one of our favorite afternoons of the week.

She loves to be tickled and we certainly don't deny her that pleasure.  Hearing your child laugh really is one of the greatest experiences.

She remains our funny and very sweet little girl.  We love her new "trick" of giving kisses and hugs.  The kisses are a little sloppy and the hugs are a little rough (just ask her friends), but we wouldn't have it any other way.

She's always learning and doing and experiencing, and we are right there by her side to share in the fun.

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