Thursday, December 12, 2013

It's Tradition

 We happily continued our family tradition of driving to Half Moon Bay to chop down our Christmas tree this year.  John and I love the quaintness of it, and it's something we both look forward to.

Finally, FINALLY, we have a kid old enough to at least somewhat appreciate the fun.  

 Mostly she enjoyed the hide and seek part with Daddy behind the trees.

 She loves being outside, so a family adventure to a Christmas tree farm was sure to be a hit.

We picked a nice 6 foot tree and John dutifully chopped it down while I distracted Orelia (what could be more exciting than a saw?).

 We can't wait for Orelia to help us choose a tree for many years to come.  If I know my daughter, she will have plenty of strong opinions on the matter (sounds just like Mama).

Our fresh and beautiful tree is now decorated and surrounded by a black metal baby gate.  It's not the most picturesque situation, but we've gotten used to this type of thing around here.  Without the gate I can almost guarantee Orelia would be attempting to scale the tree any day now to pluck off the Harper ornament.


  1. So much more fun than sitting on Santa's lap!

  2. She's such a happy girl! Looks like she definitely approved of the tree :) You guys look great!