Monday, October 13, 2014

Outdoor Bathing

We have been experiencing heat waves lately where temperatures are above 90 degrees.  Yes, in October.

We decided to give Bennett an outdoor bath since babies prefer things to be hot.  Apparently it wasn't hot enough to avoid to some screams.

Orelia loves helping out any way she can when her brother is involved.  She dutifully washed him and wasn't phased by his distaste for the whole process.

The only part of the bathing process Bennett enjoys is being wrapped up in a towel afterwards.  He seems to almost sigh with relief once we take him out of the water.

"Hold it!  Hold it!"  Orelia cries (meaning "Please, can I hold him?") once Bennett is dried off.  We reward Orelia for her hard work with some baby brother snuggles.  Everybody wins.

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