Monday, June 22, 2015


We went to Truckee for Memorial Day with a group of friends, and poor Bennett managed to sneak into only one photo.

Bennett is at the age where a vacation just means sleeping in a strange bed.

Orelia, however, especially loved this trip since it meant she got to be with her friends the "whole days."

Truckee is a town off of Lake Tahoe, and since we never actually made it to Lake Tahoe, we now have an excuse to go back.

When our friends invited us up for Memorial Day, I immediately said yes and pretended to be a laid back person capable of traveling with my children where I didn't know anything about the sleeping arrangements.

Luckily, Orelia absolutely loved sleeping in a room with her friend Gemma.  They were a bit rambunctious every time we put them down, but Orelia did get a surprising amount of sleep.

With her trusty (albeit a bit small) Spider Man boots, Orelia was ready to go on hikes through the forest.

In her favorite party dress, of course.

Even when we went to see the snow at Squaw Valley, she was wearing this party dress and no pants.  I cannot get this girl in a pair of pants.

There was quite a bit of rain that weekend, so Orelia got to do her fair share of jumping in "muddy" puddles a la Peppa Pig.

On a neighborhood walk we convinced the kids this was the "best friends log" so they would sit down and take some photos.

Orelia is holding onto her Squaw Valley lift tickets ("credit cards") for dear life here.  Those cards went with her everywhere that weekend.

Say "chocolate cake!"

This is what a toddler looks like at the end of a long weekend full of "sleepovers," fort building, and nature walks.  Exhausted.  Ratty hair.  Happy.

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