Friday, September 25, 2015

A Big Yellow Cake

This year was our first birthday party we didn't host in our backyard.

It was only our third birthday party, so it only took me three years to learn how much easier it is to host a gaggle of children somewhere that isn't your own property.

People are paid to help you set up, and most importantly clean up.

An age-appropriate location means the fun is already there and doesn't need to be planned for.

 Luckily this place (U-Me) was great for running and jumping and playing, but was still party-dress-feasible.

 Orelia shares an August birthday with one of her best friends and Bennett has a September birthday.  Since the party was going to happen anyway, we figured might as well have all the kids celebrate together!

 As far as I can tell, the most important aspect of a birthday party to a three-year-old is the cake.  So we decided might as well make it a big one.

 Bennett was not the least bit interested in his smash cake, but luckily his sister was around to help.

 The grass is always greener, I suppose.

 Bennett didn't hate it, which is about as much as I could hope for a first birthday party.

 He really enjoyed the mirrors in the cake room.

He's either a narcissist or thinks the other baby is very fun!

Orelia had an absolute blast, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

She has always loved U-Me - it has dress-up, a trampoline, a slide, baby dolls, a pretend grocery store, and pretty much everything a three-year-old would enjoy.

The fact that she got to go to one of her favorite places surrounded by her friends and family made it the perfect day.

 And luckily a three-year-old (or at least this one) has no qualms about sharing her party with her baby brother or best friend.  As long as they didn't take her share of cake she was excited by the idea.

The party was a month ago, and I think Orelia is already eager to have another birthday roll around.

 Especially if there is cake involved.

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  1. I love that you did a joint bday with her bestie! And omg that cake is so big.