Thursday, September 17, 2015

The First Birthday

 How was Bennett's first birthday, you ask?

 Well, while our wonderful nanny took Bennett for a walk, Orelia and I baked Bennett a very homespun cake, which I kind of loved.

Orelia helped Bennett get his first taste of the cake.

 As you can see, he had many tastes after that.

 Despite these photos, he actually didn't love it and was somewhat disgusted by his own mess.  The frosting was deemed acceptable, however.

Poor guy is suffering from a cold, so he kind of spent the evening tolerating the present opening by his sister and enjoying brief moments of loud electronic trains and wrapping paper.  Such is a first birthday

John is in China, but luckily Noni is here to help us celebrate and cuddle sick babies.  We love our little one-year-old, snot and all.

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