Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bennett at 12 Months

 If anyone pretended to care how many months old Bennett was, that all stops today because he's officially one year old!

It's hard to believe my baby is not really a baby anymore, but it's also so exciting to see him grow into a little boy.

 A switch seems to have been flipped and Bennett is communicating and understanding so much more.

 He points to things he wants to eat or drink or just points to things he wants to show us.  He loves watching birds (Orelia calls them "Bennett's friends") and points at them frequently.

 He is paying attention to everything and always wants to investigate noises he hears in the distance or something new within his reach.  I forgot how babies can literally find the tiniest speck of dirt on the ground that we would never notice.

 He loves seeing pictures of family around the house and really lights up when he sees one of his sister or his Daddy.

 He definitely says "mama" (his first word) and "dada" and maybe also "da" for "dog" and "ba" for "ball."

 He's crawling extremely fast now, and can climb things that are stair-height.  This is fun at the playground, but scary when we forget to close the gate to the stairs.

 He hasn't taken any unassisted steps yet, but he can "walk" holding hands with an adult and cruises around every item of furniture in the house.  He stands without holding onto furniture only when he isn't paying attention (he doesn't know he can do it!).

 He loves interacting with his sister and spent ten minutes straight laughing hysterically at Orelia playing peek-a-boo with the shutters in their play house.  It was the most beautiful sight.

He also loves playing with Harper and tries his best to get her to fetch.

 He gets the proudest look on his face when he claps or does a high-five.  We cheer him on at every opportunity.

 His favorite toys include wooden peg puzzles, blocks (of any kind), cars/trucks, and DIRT.

I feel so blessed to be raising this little boy and to have him in my life.  I can't wait to see what life holds for him.  Happy birthday, Bennett!

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