Thursday, February 11, 2016

Celebrating Three and a Half

 This lovely lady (shown bouncing, above, naturally) is currently three and a half years old.

 She couldn't be prouder and brings it up multiple times every day.

This is the face she made when a boy said "hi" to her walking into school.  I'm doomed.

 Her preschool allows summer birthday kids to celebrate their half birthdays, and Orelia was beyond excited.

 She got to make her own crown, pick the circle time game (musical chairs where no chairs are removed), and decide on the birthday book to be read at snack time.

 And naturally she enjoyed a wonderful "Happy Half Birthday to You" song from her classmates.

Complete with a Playdoh cake and 3 1/2 candles.  

The outfit she chose for the day was just about perfect for her personality and 'tude.

It went well with the still blue hair, of course.

I'm so proud that she can do so much around the house now for herself (namely cleaning up, dressing herself, going to the bathroom, and finding what she's looking for) and we can take her on outings and she can keep it together.  There are some definite perks about the growing up stuff.

 This is her trying to convince my friend to let her daughter paint her nails.  She was very serious about her task of "convincing" but did end up failing in the end.  Sometimes she is too big and she thinks she's already a lawyer.  :)

She was so happy and proud to have her teacher read the birthday book her friends colored for her that day in school.  We celebrated that evening with decorating some chocolate cupcakes (with tons of sprinkles).  Being three and a half is a blast!

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