Wednesday, August 30, 2017


 Our second week at Lake Tahoe was near Heavenly, a ski resort only accessible by a scenic gondola.  No big deal, I figured, I'm not scared of heights.  Well, apparently I'm not NOT scared of heights when it's combined with an enclosed space, a seemingly never-ending ride and a very stuffy box with only the tiniest of vents.  I survived and we had a great time at the top of the mountain, but I don't think I'll be braving that trip again anytime soon.

I couldn't get out of that gondola soon enough at the scenic halfway point.  The views were gorgeous, especially when combined with the fresh air I so badly needed.

Both kids did the zip line.  Yes, our two year-old son did a zip line, and I never have.  It's no surprise, I suppose, since the gondola ride was more than enough excitement for me.  The kids seemed happy on the zip line, but didn't ask to go again, which is always telling.

Orelia was tall enough to go "summer tubing" down the mountain, which is much more intense than I was imagining.  Luckily she managed to stay in the tube and ran off smiling.

 Bennett found the most joy digging in a dirty snow pile with his trucks.  There was snow everywhere at high camp - lots of dirty, melting snow perfect for little boys

 Orelia's last adventure of the day was some mountain climbing.  Bennett wanted to just watch instead, so maybe he is more like his mama than I realized.

After a long morning of adventures, it was high time for a dip in the hot tub.  Much deserved, if you ask me.

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