Friday, August 4, 2017

Summer is Waning

I grew up in Virginia, and we never under any circumstances started school before Labor Day.

 Things are different in California.

 Orelia starts school on August 15th this year, which to me seems sacrilegious.

 We have had an amazing summer so far, and I still have so many photos I'd like to share.

 These photos were all taken in mid June at a close friend's birthday bash.

 The bouncy house was big and the smiles were even bigger.

 For families I love, I like to bring my camera along to their parties so I can document their child's big day for them.

 Along the way, I often get some photos of my own kids enjoying themselves too.

Orelia loves summer (like her mama), and she is lucky to have her birthday come at the end of summer because it's always something for her to look forward to.

On Wednesday night when we were in the cab riding home from the airport (after a trip to Portland), I told Orelia that her birthday party was this weekend and only four "bed sleeps" away.  She yelped and said "I'm so excited I could explode!"  Me too, girl.

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