Friday, April 13, 2018

Water Logged

I've never had a classic "water baby."

 Neither of our kids lived for bath time or learned to swim at age one.

 Neither would spend all afternoon at the water table or want to stand at the kitchen sink for hours.

Swim lessons have occasionally been forced instead of looked forward to.

And we have never once considered buying a home with a pool.

Which is why this year's trip to Hawaii almost surprised us.

 Both kids, but especially Orelia, spent almost every second they were awake in the water.

 In the pool.

In the hot tub.

In the ocean.

It's a good thing I brought more bathing suits than clothes for these kids, because we needed it.

 Uncle Bobby and Uncle Scott came with us on the trip, and luckily they were game for whatever fun the kids wanted to have in the water.

 Bennett spent a lot of time scooping out ocean water and removing it to some location he deemed acceptable.

 In the pools he was the floatie king and happily splashed around in his floatie for hours.

 Here he is "enjoying" an excruciatingly warm hot tub and laughing at my attempts to convince him it was too hot.  Too each their own.

 This was Orelia's first floatie-free vacation, and she loved it.

 She can swim enough to get from point A to point B, and finally has enough pool saavy to make sure she's generally within swimming distance of a shallow end or a ledge.

 Hooray for one less floatie to pack.

 And hooray for a happily swimming girl.

 She has taken lessons on and off for years and it is so wonderful to see how happy swimming makes her (now).

 It was a great, and very wet, vacation for these kids.  And a great vacation for the kids means a great vacation for the adults too.  :)

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