Friday, February 20, 2015

Certified Organic Children

 As I pulled out my nursing cover to nurse Bennett in the cafe while Orelia pranced away at ballet class, my friends and I had a good laugh over how my nursing cover was made from organic cotton.  Clearly this was a nursing cover for my first child because I wanted only organic cotton to touch her skin.  Cue the peels of laughter.

 Yes, it would be wonderful if my children only wore organic cotton and only ate organic food and all of that food was actually fruits and vegetables.  We would sing songs by the fire every night and hold hands.

 I think it's only natural to have idealized visions with your first child where you think you can control everything and you actually think you want to control everything.

 But with the second it's all more practical.  Sure, Bennett has a few wooden toys, but only the ones that I know he will like.  If there is a beeping, flashing toy that will keep him calm, then, trust me, I reach for that one first.  The thought that I would deny my baby and myself the easy way out is laughable.  And once your first child has logged many hours of screen time, that Baby Einstein singing toy does not seem so bad for your baby.

 Occasionally the second child will put on a cute outfit, but it sure better be easy to get on and off.  Zippered pajamas only for the second child.  Snaps are for suckers.  And if he spits up on his clothes he will only get changed if he is absolutely soaked.  Or if his sister is asleep.

It's not that you love your second child less. You are just more relaxed about everything because likely by the time your second rolls around you've already relaxed your rules with the first.

Orelia is wearing polyester Cinderella gowns seven days a week because that's what she wants and that's what makes her happy.  She goes to germy places, and I don't even flinch.  She eats ice cream and Oreos and funnel cakes - and I've never seen an organic funnel cake.  That is a lovely toddler life, if you ask me.

Bennett gets to be covered by my certified organic nursing cover.  He can look up at me and smiles his gummy smile knowing that his days or Oreos are just around the corner.

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