Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sweater Weather

 I had to laugh when I came upon these photos from November.

 Her exuberance shines through and she's thoroughly enjoying a fun fall day.

 But I mostly laughed at what made me immediately know that these are old photos.  It wasn't the fall foliage or that she's grown or changed her hair.

 I knew these photos must be old because she's wearing such warm clothes.  A sweater!  And jeans (admittedly not fitting quite right).

While we have gotten out of the bathing suit phase, we have somehow gotten stuck in a wear-as-little-as-possible phase.  Tank tops and a diaper would be the preferred attire every day.  Inside of the house and outside.  The other day we had a big disagreement about whether it was okay to wear a tank top and only bloomers to preschool.  Somehow we were able to recover and put on a sundress with the bloomers, and that was moderately appropriate.  Thank God we live in California.

I guess she's just thrilled she can fight these battles now that she can take off her own clothes and jackets.  Toddlers love choosing!