Monday, February 23, 2015

Princess Diaries

 Recently Orelia and most of her gal pals have become obsessed with dress up, and in particular dressing up like princesses.

 It's pretty clear that little girls just have this universal desire to dress up in frilly dresses and prance around in fancy shoes.  She certainly hasn't seen me in dresses and heels.

 Princesses get a pretty bad rap these days.  Mothers see it as a goal that their little girls have no interest in tiaras and are instead wearing fire hats and pretending to be train conductors.

Why is a little girl celebrated for wearing a construction hat or building a train?  I know a princess isn't a viable occupation, but it's not as if her career goals are set by how she dresses up when she's a toddler.

Her favorite movie is Cinderella, but I certainly have never heard her say "I want to be rescued by a prince."  Actually she says "I want Cinderella to come to my house.  No Prince."

My little girly girl has been this way since her personality started showing itself.  But being a girly girl isn't a bad thing.  There's plenty of room for purple and sequins.  

While she may love high heels, she also is a very strong-willed, determined, and bossy little toddler.  We certainly have no worries that her princess interests will get in the way of her being a C.E.O. if she so chooses.

Frankly, most days I wish she was less of a little dictator and more submissive, but she is who she is.

Our girl may wear "princess" dresses, but she's more like a queen.

She rules the roost with a sequined fist, and we love her just as she is.

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