Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sun-Drenched Summer

Has one truly lived until they have put aviator sunglasses on their chubby baby?

Or heart-shaped glasses on their two year-old?

I don't think I grew up in a world with toddler sunglasses, much less toddler sunglasses in the Target dollar bin.

I think I smile every time I see my kids put on sunglasses, and that makes it a dollar well spent.

Orelia has changed Bennett from "Boosky" to "Booey" these days.

Booey adores chewing on a pair of sunglasses almost as much as his sister enjoys wearing them.  Big sister is an accessories maven.

 I must not just be me who enjoys good child-sized eyewear, because they were present at back-to-back birthday parties last weekend.

Orelia considered herself very glam in a star pair.

Two pairs are better than one, apparently.  Who can argue with this girl?

We are spending our sun-drenched summer with our toes in the air.

With our sunglasses on.

And with smiles.

Stay cool, kids.

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