Friday, October 9, 2015

For the Love of Pumpkins

 I'm still getting used to California weather.

While Orelia may be pictured here in pants and a sweater, it was really 80 degrees (or more) at the pumpkin patch.

 Mommy was melting.

 Orelia had a ball.

 Bennett was sick and stayed home with Daddy, so Orelia and I met our friends for a sweaty fall adventure.

Every single parent in attendance had their DSLR out to capture the family fun.

The kids were all enjoying themselves immensely except for the forced photo-ops.

Orelia does best in photo shoots when she can pretend to be Darth Vader using magical powers (see above).

 Or when we can play peek-a-boo in a hay maze.

Of course hopping into a wheelbarrow produces a genuine smile.  Luckily Orelia realized a bumpy wheelbarrow is not a very safe place to ride, and got out to make room for the pumpkins.

 As you can see, she chose a lot of pumpkins.

 The big one was for Daddy and is named "me" (i.e. "Orelia").

 All of the other pumpkins were just too perfect to leave behind (according to Orelia).  It was fun letting her "shop" at the pumpkin patch and have her three-year-old fun.

 Orelia is dressing as a fairy for Halloween and John will be Darth Vader.  Orelia has decided she will be "killing" Darth with her fairy powers, so watch out, Dad.

This little girl genuinely just loves pumpkins!  I promise I didn't pose this photo, she just has an obsession with fall's bounty, even if it is 80 degrees out here.

I'm more of a mocha girl, myself, but I foresee a pumpkin spice latte obsession in her future.  On ice, please.

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  1. It was over 80 degrees for our pumpkin outing too. I was absolutely melting.

    OMG fairy killing Darth Vader. Where did she learn about Darth Vader? LOVE