Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The School Fete

 Orelia has been at the same school for four years, and the school hosts one main fundraising event each year.  Somehow, throughout my tenure at the school, I had never made it to the school fete.

 Well this year, I most definitely made it to "Fun Day," and I had to work double duty since I have two kids at the school.  This is really no big deal, it just makes for an exhausting morning for me and many other parents.

 My kids, and it seemed like all the other kids there, had a blast.  Bennett and I spent the beginning of the day there together while John and Orelia were busy elsewhere.  Mostly Bennett had little interest in the fair aspect and just wanted to play on the play structures for the big kids that he usually isn't allowed to play on.

 His favorite part of the morning was dipping nets over and over again into the "duck pond" to scoop out rubber duckies.  He literally spent almost an hour doing this while I got to chat with some of my friends whose sons and daughters were similarly water-obsessed kids.  (Thanks, Bennett!)

Once Daddy and Orelia arrived, Bennett sampled more of the games since his sister wanted to experience every booth there.

True to form, Bennett was very interested in the train, but showed little to no excitement while actually riding it.

Orelia loved winning lollipops and trinkets while running around school seeing lots of her friends.  It's basically her ideal day.

I love this shot of my girl in her broken-strapped mermaid dress, random tiara she found on the ground, half-eaten lollipop, and look of fierce determination while annihilating a ping pong ball.  Cheers to a successful school fete!

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