Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Poolside Snow

 Well, there's a first time for everything.

 And visiting a pool at 8,200 feet elevation next to snowy mountains was definitely a first for us.

 The pool was heated, but it was not very warm.  The wind off the snow was definitely chilly.

 But what kids (young and old), don't love a pool?

 And what photographer doesn't love a pool with snow-capped mountains in the background?

 The hot tub was a lot more appealing, but the kids weren't old enough to swim in there this time.  Noni brought some snow over to the pool ledge and Orelia kept sneaking bites of it (yuck), and Bennett used his trucks to dig with it.

 A few days after we visited they had skiing on these mountains for 4th of July, but I'm glad we stuck to the pool idea.

One day these kids might ski the slopes from Squaw Valley used in the Olympics, but for now we drank hot chocolate by the pool instead.

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